Barcelona Free Walking Tour

Barcelona Free Walking Tour

in the Medieval Old Town Ciutat Vella

Gothic Quarter

Award-Winning since 2010

Barcelona Free Walking Tour

in the Medieval Old Town Ciutat Vella

Gothic Quarter

Award-Winning since 2010

In the Old Town Gothic Quarter, Barri Gòtic, is where the Barcelona Free Walking Tour is taking place. It is created using more than a decade of experience in hosting tours and specifically designed with the intention of making it a perfect primer to our beloved Barcelona. With this in mind both the city's famous architecture, notable artists, vibrant culture and colourful history will be covered. While sharing our deep knowledge and passion for everything Barcelona, you will be guided you through an unforgettable experience walking the narrow medieval streets of Barri Gòtic while introducing you to the Barcelona way of life.

What You Should Know Before Joining

Fascinating Stories of Old​

Humble Beginnings

On our Barcelona Free Walking Tour, the story of the city of Barcelona begins more than 2000 years ago with a small Roman fortress called Barcino, today the centre of the Old Town. Together we will for the most part walk the millennial old streets of this fortress.

It started more than 2000 years ago

Barcino is the Roman Barcelona

To begin with, our Barcelona Free Walking Tour meets up adjacent to the historical centre of the city. From there we start our journey in time into the area of the Old Town Gothic Quarter of Barcelona called the Gothic Quarter and its Roman fortress nucleus.

A Walled City

Next, you will learn about how Barcelona used to be a walled city until quite recently. The Barcelona Free Walking Tour will teach you a lot more about how the city evolved into one of the most important cities in the Mediterranean Sea as the main seaport of the Crown of Aragon in the Middle Ages.

A Medieval Capital of the Mediterranean Sea

The City of Counts in the Crown of Aragon

The Middle Ages is the time in the history of Barcelona when most the Old Town Gothic Quarter was built, the part we will be exploring together on our Free Walking Tour.

The Expansion

Eventually, the Industrial Revolution arrived and with it a milestone event that took Barcelona out of the Middle Ages. As a result, a massive city transformation began turning Barcelona into an industrial centre.

Barcelona embraced the
Industrial Revolution

Barcelona Reborn and Reinvented

From where we start our tour you can physically see how Barcelona has evolved since the Middle Ages.

The City of Today

Finally, you’ll hear about how modern Barcelona that you are visiting came to be. Another milestone event, equally important, transformed the city again, this time from being an industrial city to a modern one.

A Modern Marvel

An Evolved Modern City

Consequently, the Barcelona you are visiting is actually not that old. The transformation was concluded less than a generation ago.

An Architectural walk with Art, Culture and a lot of History

With this in mind, our multi-award-winning Barcelona Free Walking Tour will take you on a journey through narrow alleys, winding streets, charming squares, and time. You’ll be introduced to the architecture that named the neighbourhood, past famous pieces of public art and much more, while putting it all in a historical context in an easy to follow and entertaining way.

A Multi-Award-Winning Barcelona Free Walking Tour

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TripAdvisor 2019 Certificate of Excellence.
Awarded yearly by our customers since 2014.
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A Different Type of Barcelona Free Walking Tour

Max 15 adult participants. Consequently, you won’t be in a big group blocking the street every time we stop. Our Barcelona Free Walking Tour only work with advance reservations, no hostel pick-ups, and no drop-ins.

Unlike many other Free Walking Tours in Barcelona, we are not following a master script that we have been drilled on. We are not new to the city, as a matter of fact, we know our topic extremely well. Because of this,​​ you will get a unique and customised tour for that particular day and your specific group.

This is not a Backpacker tour. There will be No Bar Crawl offers at the end We’re also not stopping by the owner’s bar midway to cross-sell to you while you are spending money in his bar. We might talk about wine and cheese tastings, and ask you if you want to join us on our lovely sailing boat though.
Indeed, all of us Barcelona Free Walking Tour guides have many, many years of experience living in our beloved Barcelona and sharing the passion for our beloved city with travellers like yourself.
With this intention, it is never boring with us! In contrast, many consider our Barcelona Free Walking Tour the highlight of their stay! It’s an entertaining and fun leisurely walk in the Medieval Gothic Quarter, a fine balance between information, art, architecture, culture, gastronomy and history.

In short, you will learn a lot from us. Using more than a decade of experience this Barcelona Free Walking Tour is designed as an ultimate introduction to the city and the Barcelona way of life.

We live, eat and breath Barcelona! As a result, you will get up-to-date local insider tips on things to do in and around the city, plus where to eat, drink, shop and explore.
On our Barcelona Free Walking Tour, we’ll make sure you don’t feel like a tourist but like a friend walking with us. A personal approach, small groups, no loudspeakers and, of course, with a lot of respect for the locals.

Where Does the Barcelona Free Walking Tour Meet Up?

Our Walking Tour Meeting Point

Post Office 'Correos' at Plaça d'Antonio Lopez i Lopez

We meet up on Plaça d'Antonio Lopez, on the steps in front of the majestic looking post office 'Correos'.

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