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The Medieval Old Town Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is undeniably full of magical sights and tour highlights. Walking the medieval labyrinth of narrow alleys, winding streets and charming square will take you back in time in an amazing experience. On top, the remarkable places we visit are all in the end also amazing photo opportunities. Here, as an illustration, is a gallery where you find photos we have taken ourselves as proof of that. These are all photos of sights and scenes along the route we are normally taking.

Barcelona is a 2000-year-old city filled with intriguing art and gorgeous architecture, consequently from many eras. The city is divided into three basic parts: the oldest parts of the city called the Old Town, the 19th-century Expansion and the former surrounding villages. Most of the beautiful historical sights and landmarks are located in Old Town Ciutat Vella, and most of the medieval ones there, are inside the Gothic Quarter Barri Gòtic. This charming area and the city’s historical nucleus the Roman Barcino is where we will spend time together.

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