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Vintage Photos

Vintage Barcelona Tour Photos

There are plenty of vintage photos of Barcelona. We actually start our tour next to where the first photograph on the Iberian peninsula was taken, from a terrace of Pla de Palau, about 180 years ago. 

Throughout our walk, you will discover that the Medieval Old Town Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is undeniably full of magic highlights. Each narrow alley, every winding street and all its charming square are in the end all great photo opportunities. Understandably, you won’t be the first one who has felt this. Ever since the Frenchman Niépce in 1826 took a photo, heliograph or sun print as they were called, of his estate we have been taken pictures of our surroundings. The possibly multiday-long exposure time needed by the camera obscura wasn’t very practical though… It wasn’t until 1900 and Kodak’s Brownie, a low-priced, point-and-shoot, hand-held camera, that the snapshot was introduced to the masses.

As mentioned, since then Barcelona is reasonably well documented. Here, as an illustration, we share some of the photos from the past 150 years as proof of that.  As you will discover, a lot has changed here in a relatively short period of time. For your convenience, we have also created an album with contemporary photos of where our tour is taking place if you feel like comparing.

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